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Our History & Mission

The Hill, Hardin KY

The ministry on this hill began in the late seventies. Bob Warren, a western Kentucky native, returned home from an eight-year pro basketball career to resume farming. Comforted by the wide open spaces and the familiar rolling hills, Bob sensed the Lord leading him into teaching ministry. The door soon opened for him to begin holding Bible studies in his log cabin. At that time, the ministry on The Hill was born. As the Lord continued to increase the ministry, it became obvious that the need for a larger facility was to be prayerfully considered.

The first building to go up was the Manna House conference center. Next came the Ark dormitory, followed by the addition of a work shop, a log home for small retreats and sabbaticals, the Lodge Dormitory, the Library Meeting Room and Dormitory, and other outdoor recreational opportunities. With these additions, the ministry was now equipped to meet the needs of a wide variety of church groups and Christian organizations desiring to gather Bible studies, retreats, conferences, and camps.

Bob Warren was taken home to be with Jesus in 2014. At that time his wife Kim stepped into the role as ministry director. God's favor has continued to expand the ministry to include more onsite discipleship with college age men and women, multiple Bible study opportunities, more summer leadership camps for teens, and Bible study support materials. Jenelle Schimpf, Kathryn Sperry, Andrew Porterfield, and Brent Armstrong round out The Hill staff.

These individuals, along with many more who volunteer, invest their lives into the lives of others through discipleship. A board of directors continues to provide wonderful guidance and counsel, making sure the ministry holds true to God's Word and properly uses all resources to its care.

Statement of Philosophy

  1. We purpose to help the church equip the members of the body of Christ, so that each member of the body of Christ (who has been distinctively gifted by the Holy Spirit – 1 Corinthians 12:11) may use his or her gift to edify the church body.

  2. We believe the teaching of the Word, along with worship (which includes music, prayer, Scripture reading, etc.) has ultimate priority as a proper expression to bring the people exposed to this ministry to a fullness of the knowledge of the Son of God (Hebrews 13:15; Ephesians 5:19-20).

  3. Our approach to the use of facilities is that they be practical, clean, honoring to God, and paid for. We do not build buildings to attract people, but rather ask God to maximize their use for good stewardship.

  4. Organizationally it is our desire for this ministry to be a spiritual arm of the home and church, not a substitute for it. We attempt to schedule our meetings and activities, whenever possible, in a fashion not to separate the family or church, so as not to cause confusion to these schedules.

  5. We believe that the essence of the Christian life is intimacy with Jesus Christ. Our primary interest is maturing people in the faith, so they in turn can be used to mature others in the faith. Thus we believe that as a ministry we exist for the purpose of disciple making (2 Timothy 2:2).

We are not a church, but are concerned about the evangelism of the lost and the edification of the saved.

Recent Newsletter Updates

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