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The first building to go up was the Manna House conference center. Next came the Ark dormitory, followed by the addition of a work shop, a log home for small retreats and sabbaticals, the Lodge Dormitory, the Library Meeting Room and Dormitory, and other outdoor recreational opportunities. With these additions, the ministry is equipped to meet the needs of a wide variety of church groups and Christian organizations desiring to gather for Bible studies, retreats, conferences, and camps.

Whether you're attending a retreat or you're curious about how to prep and plan for an upcoming retreat you'd like to have at one of our facilities – we've prepared a document with everything you'll need to know!


Nestled in a secluded location at the edge of the woods, it is the perfect spot to relax, rekindle, or recharge. The Quiet Cabin has two bedrooms, three bathrooms and a sleeping loft that will accommodate a total of eight guests. Most enjoy the fact that there is no cable TV, phone line, or satellite dish to interrupt the peace. That’s one of the reasons we call it the Quiet Cabin. Free wifi is available in case you don’t want to leave all amenities behind.

The Quiet Cabin

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The Ark Dormitory offers 10 bedrooms from which to choose. A clean and comfortable environment (cool in the summer and warm in the winter) allows 4 to 8 guests to room together, with a total capacity of 58 guests. This dorm can accommodate separate sleeping arrangements for men and women, as well as up to four families. With large bathrooms in or near each bedroom and additional meeting facility in the walkout basement – we trust that you will be able to relax.

Ark Dormitory

Library Dorm.JPG

The Library Dormitory contains beds for up to 26 guests, along with two well-equipped bathrooms. This dorm is located in a nicely finished walkout basement, and is often cool year around. So be aware and prepared if you choose to sleep here!

Library Dormitory

Library Meeting Room.JPG

Attached to the Manna House Conference Center is the Library Meeting Room and Dormitory. The Library Meeting Room can be set up to accommodate most any teaching need. Seating with tables is often the preferred environment, and can comfortably accommodate more than 100 people. Chair seating for 175 is possible with no tables set up.  The meeting room contains a warm rustic interior of wood, along with a large stone fireplace for a comfortable place of fellowship throughout your stay.

Library Meeting Room


The Lodge Dormitory offers 5 bedrooms from which to choose. A clean and comfortable environment (cool in the summer and warm in the winter) allows 8 to 16 guests to room together, with a total capacity of 48 guests.  This dorm can accommodate separate sleeping arrangements for men, women and families. The Lodge Dormitory also contains a Commons Area where a fully equipped kitchen is located, along with tables and comfortable seating. A warm rustic interior of wood and radiant heat floors (in the winter) will also provide much enjoyment. The Lodge has also been constructed with a large wrap around porch to provide another welcomed place of fellowship throughout your stay.

Lodge Dormitory


The Manna House Cafeteria serves us with a large multi-purpose room, along with a fully equipped kitchen able to prepare food for well over 130 people and small meeting rooms. A warm rustic interior of wood, along with a large stone fireplace, will provide much warmth and a comfortable place of fellowship throughout your stay.

Manna House Cafeteria

Jackson Picnic Pavilion.JPG

The Jackson Lake Picnic Pavilion is our refurbished tobacco barn with a covered porch on the west side.  There is a covered outdoor kitchen area with plenty of prep space, running water, grill and griddle.  Around two sides of the inside walls of the barn are wooden counters and lots of electrical outlets.  You can set up crockpots and warmers along both walls for your outdoor event.  There is a fire pit within a few feet of the porch and we keep an ample supply of firewood for every outdoor event.  Under the porch there are chairs, benches, a picnic table and porch swing to enjoy.

Jackson Picnic Pavilion

General Store.JPG

The General Store is located on the front of the farm. This small building is currently used for a variety of needs, but seldom on a daily basis.

General Store Offices

Wades Creek (1).JPG

Wades Creek runs through the southeast corner of the property. On the southern end it runs just behind the Ark Dormitory. On the eastern end it bends about 100 yards behind the Quiet Cabin. These locations provide our two favorite points of entry to wade the creek. With a rocky bottom you will want to be sure to wear some secure footwear. Pool depths seldom exceed 3 feet, and are routinely much lower between pools. We do not allow wading in the creek during or after a heavy rain. It is a large creek for this part of the country, and water depth can rapidly change during a heavy rain to exceed 5 or 6 feet.

Wades Creek


Jackson Lake is located on the western side of the ministry property, accessible by a gravel road and walking trail from the Manna House.  Jackson Lake is a great place to fish for largemouth bass and bluegill during your stay at The Hill.  A dock juts out over the water in the perfect spot for sunning and relaxing if fishing is not your thing.  We regularly spot deer, turkey, ducks, and geese in the area, along with an occasional eagle or fox.

Jackson Lake

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