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Do you enjoy reading God’s Word? When you open the Bible, do you understand where the Scripture you are reading fits into the timeline of the Old and New Testament? If your answer is “yes,” you are certainly in the minority. Most believers are not so equipped to study God’s word. As a result, they start in Genesis and read as far into the Old Testament as possible. After all, we were taught in school to start at the beginning of a book and read from cover to cover. This approach, however, normally ends in disaster. The solution comes through understanding that the Bible is not a normal book – it is God’s word – and must, therefore, be approached differently. Although every word of every book is necessary, there are certain books that must be studied first. It is only after you have a working knowledge of these foundational books that the remaining books come alive. That is what this course is about.


The Pentateuch Audio Series:This series is over 16 hours of teaching

The Pentateuch (An Old Testament Study on Genesis through Deuteronomy)

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