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The Complete Bob Warren Library of Audio Teachings contains every audio teaching series that we currently have available.  It includes: Advancing in Romans, Ephesians, Foreknowledge-Predestination, Foundational Romans 1-8, The Gospels from A Jewish Perspective, Hebrews, History, How to Study, Isaiah, Jacob Have I Loved, Knowing God, Pentateuch, Practical Side of Truth, and Seven Holy Seasons.  It also includes some early messages that have been digitized and preserved like: The Bob and Kim Story, The Glory (1988), Bob’s Testimony, and Divorce and Remarriage.


Once you receive this USB with over 450 audio files, it is recommended that you transfer it to your personal computers and store the USB in a safe place.  Those MP3 files can be conveniently loaded onto other devices for daily use without compromising the original USB.  (Please note that distribution of audio files outside your household or for beyond your personal household use and/or on more than your personal household’s devices is in violation of copyright laws.)

The Complete Bob Warren Library of Audio Teachings on USB

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