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For centuries the truths of Romans 1-8 have been used of the Lord to transform lives. In my own experience, no section of Scripture has touched my life like these eight chapters. In teaching these truths over the years, I have been amazed at the life changing power of God’s grace. This course takes you verse-by-verse through Romans 1-8 and is one of the first things we teach those involved in this ministry. If you have been introduced to this course at a previous date, you will note that revisions have been made throughout this text. In addition, the course contains about 40% more content than the previous Romans 1-8 course. (Romans Excerpt)


Romans 1-8 Audio Series: Includes approximately 14 hours of teaching on USB.  This series is also available as a digital download.


Free Download of Romans Diagrams

Free Downlaod of Believers Identity Page from Romans 1-8

Romans: The Foundational Truths of Romans 1-8

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