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After a good working knowledge of Romans 1-8, there is no better place to go than the book of Hebrews. This course, also a verse-by-verse study, covers all thirteen chapters of this epistle. The student will study subjects that relate to the superiority of grace over Law (for instance, the superiority of Jesus’ priesthood over the priesthood ordained by the Law, the superiority of His sacrifice over the sacrifices offered under the Law, and the superiority of the Tabernacle in heaven over the Tabernacle on earth). This course also covers the topic of Sabbath rest, a rest that is offered to all who believe. I have stated for years that a good working knowledge of Romans 1-8 and Hebrews 1-13 would prevent anyone from becoming involved in that which is not “sound doctrine.” Available in book form, or through audio on MP3 Audio on USB. (Hebrews Excerpt)


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The Hebrews 1-13 Audio Series includes approximately 16 hours of teaching.

Hebrews 1-13 Course

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