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You’ve experienced the freedom in Christ Paul so passionately shared with the Romans. You’ve reached a solid understanding of justification, grace, and your identity in Christ. You’ve rejoiced over learning that your old Adamic nature is eradicated. It is time to dig deeper. The next step, Advancing in Romans, will steer you beyond the basics into a rich foray of truth.


Bob Warren’s thorough treatise is a life-changing journey through some of the most profound New Testament Scripture. The reader will traverse the familiar richness of chapters one through eight while embracing fresh insights. Advancing in Romans is a result of his lifetime pursuit to know the heart of the One who wrote the Bible.


Even though Bob Warren misses no opportunity to provide scriptural support for a free-will position, a Reformed reader might also find benefit in its criticisms. As Bob states, “Even if you should disagree with our findings, they will serve as a profitable use of your time—for passionate students of the Word welcome all arguments against what they believe.”

Advancing in Romans

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